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Anthony's BMW F82 M4 with BMS JB1 vs JB4

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ML Performance UK JB4 JB1 M4

Anthony's BMW F82 M4 with BMS JB1 & JB4 

The M4 is a stunning beast as it is, but if you wish to take it further, there is a couple of upgrades that might take your fancy!

Our customer, Anthony owns a beautiful 2014 M4 and he wanted to add more power to it. The car has got PCW exhaust mod and it comes with 431bhp stock, the car was running Tesco Momentum 99 (93 octane) when dyno. With the addition of panel filters and a simple plug and play JB1, it has taken the car to 505.8bhp with 505 (Ft-lb) torque. 

ML Performance UK M4 JB1


This is a really impressive result, 74.8bhp gained from stock, with just the JB1 installed.


After 5 months, Anthony wanted more power so he upgraded to a JB4 with Bluetooth Connect Kit and runs on map 2, which transform the already stunning M4 into a beast and pushed the car to a whopping 521hp with approx 560 (Ft-lb) torque. 

ML Performance UK M4 JB4


The JB1 is a simple plug and play tuner that provides the car with a decent increase of hp, whereas the JB4 provides many features compare to the JB1 such as different stage maps, the ability to read fault codes and remove error right when fitting a decat downpipes, safety features and the ability to take logs etc. The JB1 and JB4 are both suitable for F80 M3 and F82/F83 M4 with the S55 engine. 

Needless to say, Anthony is very happy with the power gained and mods. We will let you decide if you prefer the subtle power gain or beast mode for your M4…


Stock                         : 431bhp

JB1 + panel filters   : 74.8bhp gained from stock

JB4 + panel filters   : 90bhp gained from stock   


Footnote: All dyno runs were carried out by Surrey Rolling Road Ltd. and we have no affiliation with the organisation, and printouts were sent to us from our customer, Anthony. 


Dear Anthony: a special thank you for sending us your results and allowing us to share with other car enthusiast, I hope you enjoy the additional power! 


ML Performance UK

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