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Evolution Racewerks (ER) BMW Charge Pipe 135i & 335i N55

Evolution Racewerks (ER) BMW N55 Chargepipe (135i & 335i)

Evolution Racewerks (ER)

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Please Note: Picture is for illustration purpose, as we only stock the chargepipe in Anodise Black Finish. If you prefer the polish finish, they will be on back-order.


You may also wish to order the OEM replacement C-Clip if yours is worn, damaged or missing.

Evolution Racewerks (ER) BMW Charge Pipe M135i & M335i N55 (3.0T)

Type III Hard Anodize Black with 1 Methanol Bung


  • Increase throttle response and decreases turbo lag.
  • Lightweight High Grade 6061 Aluminum Piping.
  • Throttle body matched 3" piping.
  • Retains factory style o-ring throttle body lock flange.  Precision CNC machined throttle body flange ensures leak free connection to throttle body.  Quick and easy connection and disconnection to throttle body.  Ideal connection compared to the silicone hose and hose clamp connection found in all other aftermarket diverter valve upgrade pipes available in the marketplace.
  • Precision CNC machined MAP sensor flange ensures leak free connection.
  • Diverter Valve Charge Pipe features beaded ends and T-bolt clamps to prevent intercooler piping from coming off from boost.
  • Optional Type III Hard Black Anodizing (for stealth and OEM look).  Hard anodizing helps improve durability of intercooler piping.  Resists bent or dented piping.
  • Compatible with the factory electronic diverter valve.
  • Includes all hardware for complete installation.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.



Often ignored, charged intake airflow characteristics greatly affect throttle response, turbo lag and ultimately maximum power potential.  Smooth bends and minimal obstructions are ideal. We used 6061 aluminum (lightweight) mandrel bent piping to ensure smooth transitions.  3" piping was used to match up to the factory throttle body (factory pipe is 2.5"), ensuring maximum flow without obstruction.

We were the first manufacturer to duplicate the factory throttle body flange with our N54 charge pipe.  We bring the same thing to the N55 charge pipe.  During our research and development, the connection at the throttle body was looked over very carefully.  The factory diverter valve is connected to the throttle body using an o-ring inside the throttle body flange which is locked in place by a c-clip, which works very well.  It also make removal/installation quick and easy.  Our testing had shown it could hold quite a bit of boost.  During our testing, we had pressure tested this connection up to 25 PSI.  The reason why we stopped at 25 PSI was because at 25 PSI, one of the intake pipes on the turbo blew off and we could not test any higher.  However, we were confident that it would easily hold over 25 PSI as the throttle body flange showed no signs of failing.  Also, keep in mind, this type of connection is used throughout the engine, in many crucial areas like the coolant radiator system as well as the clutch system.  If BMW did not believe in the durability of this type of connection, they would not use it in such important areas.

Evolution Racewerks (ER) BMW Charge Pipe M135i & M335i N55 (3.0T)

    Precision CNC machined throttle body flange ensures boost leak free connection

    Many of our competitors use a silicone hose connection for the throttle body connection.  It is not designed for a silicone hose connection which is used by all the other brand diverter valve pipe upgrades in the market.  The throttle body lip is too short and there are no "beads" to prevent the silicone hose from blowing off under boost.  Even though it is the easiest way to  "rig" together, it is not ideal.  The best way to connect the new diverter valve pipe to the throttle body is to replicate the same connection which we did.  We spent a lot of resources developing and manufacturing this factory style connection for this reason.

    Evolution Racewerks (ER) BMW Charge Pipe M135i & M335i N55 (3.0T)

    Precision CNC Machined MAP Sensor Flange ensures boost leak free connection

    The same issue came with the MAP sensor.  The MAP sensor seals to the factory diverter valve pipe via a o-ring on the sensor itself.  Having a hole in a silicone hose will definitely cause a boost leak as it will not properly seal.  Therefore, again we CNC machined our own replica MAP sensor flange that utilizes the same factory o-ring seal.

    1/8" NPT Bungs (For Methanol or Nitrous Injectors):

    With the popularity of methanol injection systems and nitrous systems, we have added the option of having a 1/8" NPT  threaded bung (for methanol or nos injectors) welded to our diverter valve charge pipe.  This allows quick and easy installation of methanol/nitrous injectors that are used in methanol injection systems and nitrous systems.  You have the option of adding 1 or 2 injector bungs.  Each 1/8" NPT bung will come with a plug so that you can run with or without the methanol injector.  This is perfect for those who do not have the Methanol Injection yet but plan to do so in the future.


    Evolution Racewerks (ER) BMW Chargpipe F20 F30 M135i & M335i (N55)

    1/8" NPT Bungs (for methanol or nitrious injectors).  Each bung comes with a plug (shown).



    E Chassis N55 Applications:

    BMW 1 Series
    • 2011-2013 E82 Coupe 135i
    • 2011-2013 E88 Convertible 135i

    BMW 3 Series
    • 2011 E90 Saloon 335i / 335ix
    • 2011 E91 Touring 335i / 335ix
    • 2011-2013 E92 Coupe 335i / 335ix
    • 2011-2013 E93 Convertible 335i / 335ix


    FREE Next Day UK Delivery

    Receive it the next working day if ordered before 11am on all in stock items!. We can also ship worldwide, simply contact us for a quote.



    Evolution Racewerks (ER) Limited Lifetime Warranty (Non-Transferable)


    Manufactured by

    Evolution Racewerks (ER)


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    44cm x 35cm x 16cm




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    Nate Green

    Excellent service

    I was recommended Marshall Lee by the owners group I'm a member of and what a helpful guy he turned out to be. Asked him a few questions before placing the order and he replied pretty much straight away. The charge pipe is exactly what I expected to be and very easy to install. Very happy with the service received and will be using him again in the future