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Goodridge BMW G30 G32 G11 G14 Brake Hose Kit (Inc. 520i, 630i, 740i & M850ix)


  • £87.95
    exc. VAT £73.29


High performance stainless steel braided brake line kit for BMW G30, G31, G32, G11, G12, G14 & G15. Goodridge  braided brakelines are the standard in professional motorsports where the ultimate in braking is required. Goodridge brake hoses increase braking efficiency and removes the spongey feel under arduous conditions. With an unmatched reputation backed by champions worldwide, there is no reason to choose anyone else.

Available in Stainless Steel or Zinc finish in a variety of heatshrink colours.

  • Eliminates spongey feel
  • Greater braking efficiency
  • Superior resistance to abrasion and corrosion
  • 100% TUV, DOT, ADR and ISO approved


Compatibility (Click to Expand)

  • G30 Saloon (2015+)
    • 518d. 520d, 520i, 525d, 530d, 530dx, 530i, 530ix, 540dx, 540i, 540ix, M550ix & M550ix 
  • G31 Touring (2016+)
    • 518d, 520d, 520dx, 520i, 525d, 530d, 530dx, 530i, 530ix, 540dx, 540ix & M550dx
  • G32 Gran Turismo (2016+)
    • 620d, 620dx, 630d, 630dx, 630i, 640dx, 640i & 640ix
  • G11 Saloon (2014+)
    • 725d, 730d, 730dx, 730i, 740dx, 740e, 740i, 750dx, 750i & &50ix
  • G12 Saloon (2014+)
    • 725Ld, 730Ld, 730Ldx, 730Li, 740Li, 740Lix, 740Ld, 740Ldx, 750Li, 750Lix & M760Lix 
  • G14 Convertible (2017+)
    • 840dx & M850ix
  • G15 Saloon (2017+)
    • 840dx & M850ix


Goodridge one year warranty

Manufactured by


Part Number

SBW0509-4C-BK (Stainless Steel / Black)
SBW0509-4C-CB (Stainless Steel / Carbon)
SBW0509-4C-CL (Stainless Steel / Clear)
SBW0509-4C-CLG (Stainless Steel / Clear with Goodridge Logo)
SBW0509-4C-EB (Stainless Steel / Electric Blue)
SBW0509-4C-GD (Stainless Steel / Gold)
SBW0509-4C-LG (Stainless Steel / Lime Green)
SBW0509-4C-OR (Stainless Steel / Orange)
SBW0509-4C-RD (Stainless Steel / Red)
SBW0509-4C-VB (Stainless Steel / Vintage Matte Black)
SBW0509-4C-WT (Stainless Steel / White)
SBW0509-4C-YE (Stainless Steel / Yellow)
SBW0509-4P-BK (Zinc Plated / Black)
SBW0509-4P-CB (Zinc Plated / Carbon)
SBW0509-4P-CL (Zinc Plated / Clear)
SBW0509-4P-CLG (Zinc Plated / Clear with Goodridge Logo)
SBW0509-4P-EB (Zinc Plated / Electric Blue)
SBW0509-4P-GD (Zinc Plated / Gold)
SBW0509-4P-LG (Zinc Plated / Lime Green)
SBW0509-4P-OR (Zinc Plated / Orange)
SBW0509-4P-RD (Zinc Plated / Red)
SBW0509-4P-VB (Zinc Plated / Vintage Matte Black)
SBW0509-4P-WT (Zinc Plated / White)
SBW0509-4P-YE (Zinc Plated / Yellow)

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