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SSDD BMW F20 F21 Carbon Fibre Rear Roof Spoiler - ML Performance UK

MForce BMW 1 Series Hatchback F20 F21 Carbon Rear Roof Spoiler


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Introducing a Carbon Rear Roof Spoiler to your car is a great way of enhancing its aesthetics and the aerodynamic shape will give your car a unique and stylish look at little expense. Made to fit seamlessly on all F20 & F21 vehicles thus no additional modifications are required, this MForce Carbon Rear Roof Spoiler is designed from handcrafted carbon fiber. The production of Carbon fibre is a delicate and timely process in order to bond carbon atoms together into crystals and remove non-carbonated atoms before treating the surface through oxidization for that clear gel coated finish, and the end result is a substance that can be up to ten times stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum. Carbon fibre outperforms any other metallic substances and its corrosive-resistant property is an added benefit. The addition of this MForce Carbon Rear Roof Spoiler will give your car that high-end look you’ve always wanted.



  • Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic
  • Black Carbon Fibre with Cleargel Coat
  • Stylish and great addition to your high performance BMW
  • 3M tape for easy installation


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Compatible with all BMW F20 and F21 vehicles.


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