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TTE BMW Hybrid Turbocharger Upgrade TTE740 M3 & M4 (S55)

TTE BMW F80 F82 F87 Turbocharger Upgrade TTE740 M2 CS, M3 & M4 (S55)

The Turbo Engineers(TTE)

  • £3,450.28
    exc. VAT £2,875.23


Upgrade your stock turbo with this upgraded Turbocharger, TTE740! It is suitable for BMW with the S55 twin turbo engine, fits BMW F80 M3 and F82/F83 M4. This German engineered Hybrid Turbo is capable of 740 PS(bhp) on pump fuel, ideal for those who are looking to upgrade their stock turbos. It's designed, machined and built by TheTurboEngineers in Germany with precision engineering for ultimate performance and reliability to run efficiently at 740 PS (bhp).


Price includes TTE Intakes pipe as seen in the lower left photo



  • Genuine Housings, Exhaust Manifolds & Components 
  • Genuine Actuators
  • Billet TTE Compressor wheels
  • Upgraded Turbine Wheels 
  • Upgraded Bearing pack 
  • Upgraded Large Diameter Turbo Intakes 
  • Single Parts Finley Balanced 
  • Core High-Speed VSR Balanced 
  • Plug & Play Fitment 
  • 740+PS(bhp) Capable
  • Designed, Machined & Built by TheTurboEngineers in Germany


    Upgrade your Existing Turbo
    To upgrade your existing turbo, you will need to send us your non-damaged turbo. The listing price is the cost of upgrading a non-damaged turbo only. If your turbo is damaged, there may be extra cost on top of the listing price, we will provide you with a quote after inspection. All turbo will be closely inspected before the upgrade is carried out. You will also receive a report from our engineer after the upgrade is completed.



    TheTurboEngineers GmbH based in German is a dynamic and highly innovative turbocharger engineering company, specialised in production of motorsport turbochargers to the highest quality and greatest efficiency with attention to detail. Every component is optimised on long term reliability.

    TTE are focused on the construction of prototypes from a concept, through to completion with all work mostly being done in-house to TTE's extremely high standards in Germany. TTE is a fine example of German engineering at its best. 

    Small details are important to TTE, as is the conversion of existing OE turbochargers to new upgrade specifications, be it new or from a supplied used turbocharger.
    TheTurboEngineers GmbH consults and provides to race teams and many well known tuning houses, looking for the best engineered performance turbochargers available.


    Compatibility Check

    To ensure the part(s) you have ordered fits your vehicle, we run a compatibility check prior to dispatch. We can do this either using your registration number(UK) or the last 7 digits of your VIN. Simply enter your car details prior to checkout.



    All BMW F chassis with the S55 turbocharged engines, F87 M2 CS, F80 M3 and F82/F83 M4. (2013+)



    To upgrade your existing turbo, the estimated delivery time is around 4-6 weeks after receiving your existing turbo. We can also ship worldwide, simply contact us for a quote.


    Our new turbos are made to order, the estimated delivery time is also 4-6 weeks after receiving your order. We can also ship worldwide, simply contact us for a quote.



    One year TTE warranty.


    Upgraded by

    TheTurboEngineers (TTE)


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