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Turner Motorsport

Turner Motorsport BMW F80 F82 F87 7.5mm Black Wheel Spacers with Integrated Hub Extender & Extended Bolts (M2, M2 Competition, M3 & M4)

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7.5mm (.29 inch) 1-piece Integrated Wheel Spacer and Hub Extender for BMW F80 M3, F82 M4. 

Wheel spacers are the ideal solution to resolve a number of fitment and aesthetic problems. Spacers allow you to correct wheel offset issues, clearance for big brakes or suspension or bodywork, to improve handling and stability by increasing track width, or simply to get the right look and stance. Our spacers are engineered precisely for BMWs, with multiple features that other brands don't have, and have been rigorously tested by our race team and on our street project cars. We have the most advanced BMW wheel spacers on the market because we are BMW specialists and we design, engineer, and manufacture them in-house.

Our in-house R&D dept. solved a shortcoming that is inherent with all small flat spacers - not enough lip is left on the hub for the wheel to rest on. BMW designs their wheels to fit on the lip protruding from the hub. The bolts alone are not designed to support the wheel. Placing a flat spacer on the lip reduces the amount of lip available and transfers more stress to the wheel bolts. Since the bolts alone were not designed this way, the bolts and the hub will fail eventually. So our R&D dept. came up with an ingenious combined Spacer and Hub Extender that incorporates a new hub with a flat spacer (a true hubcentric 5mm spacer). The Turner Interlocking Technology Spacers have a bridged support structure that fits in the voids of the unique M3/M4 hub. This gives an interlocking fitment for the spacer with a new full lip for the wheel to rest on. All other M3/M4 5mm spacers are now old news and it would be crazy to run a flat spacer instead of these! 

Our spacers are manufactured in-house from an aerospace-grade aluminum, then finished in a military-spec hardcoat that is stronger and more durable than normal anodizing. We finish our spacers in a stealthy grey or black color so they blend in with the wheel and hub. We also use the correct diameter spacer so there is no unsightly step between the wheel and hub. The part number and Turner logo are laser engraved for easy identification. Pockets on the backside of the spacer are a Turner Motorsport innovation and aid in removing a stubborn spacer from the hub. Longer wheel bolts or studs are required with these spacers. Several styles of wheel bolts or studs are offered for a safe and complete install.


    • Hub-centric design, 1-piece Spacer with Hub Extender
    • Precise tolerance fitment thanks to CAD process and CNC mill machine
    • Aerospace grade aluminum light weight but very strong with a high resistance to corrosion
    • Additional military-spec hardcoat for further corrosion resistance
    • Innovative Quick Release pockets for easy removal (better than a chamfered back edge)
    • Laser engraved size and part number for easy identification
    • Stealthy anthracite or black color
    • Optional extended bolt sets in factory-matching black finish (wheel stud kits also available)
    • Turner Motorsport track and street tested!
    • Made in the USA


    Extended Wheel Bolts

    Required for all BMW wheel spacers is a set of longer wheel bolts or wheel studs. Spacers cannot be used with stock bolts. Our extended lug bolts are a very high quality and high grade steel lug bolt (grade 10.9). A black zinc coating will maintain a factory BMW appearance and provide long-lasting corrosion protection. Zinc finishes are designed to withstand 700 hours of salt spray testing.



    • Bolt pattern: 7.5 x 120
    • Center bore: 72.6mm
    • Hubcentric? yes with Integrated Hub Extender
    • Wheel pad size: large


    • 2x 7.5mm Wheel Spacers with Integrated Hub Extender
    • 10x Conical Seat Wheel Bolt - 14 x 1.25 x 35 mm


    • BMW M Series F87 M2 N55 3.0L (2014+)
    • BMW M Series F87 M2 Competition S55 3.0L (2016+)
    • BMW M Series F80 M3 Saloon S55 (2012-2015)
    • BMW M Series F80 LCI M3 Saloon S55 (2015-2018)
    • BMW M Series F80 LCI M3 CS S55 (2016-2019)
    • BMW M Series F80 LCI M3 Competition S55 (2016-2019)
    • BMW M Series F82 M4 Coupe S55 (2013-2017)
    • BMW M Series F82 LCI M4 Coupe S55 (2016-2019)
    • BMW M Series F82 LCI M4 CS Coupe S55 (2016-2019)


    TWHF8005J08BLKT (Black)


    Manufactured by

    Turner Motorsport

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