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VRSF BMW 5" Stepped Intercooler FMIC 135i, 335i, 535i, X1 & Z4 (N54/N55)


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You may also wish to add the VRSF Logo Stencil to your intercooler.

All intercoolers comes with the VRSF Lower Chargepipe Upgrade.

Replace your overheated factory intercooler with the VRSF upgraded intercooler kit to get the most out of your N54/N55. We designed this kit to be one of the best performing, direct bolt on intercoolers available for your BMW with special attention to quality and performance while maintaining a reasonable price. The VRSF intercoolers allow for higher HP gains, mainly due to their ability to keep intake temps down while preventing heat soak which is a common problem with the factory intercooler. This results in more power, improved reliability and reduces the chances of pre-detonation & knock. 

Intercooler Core

The most important component of any intercooler is the core. The core cools the charged air from the turbo before it enters the engine and the OEM BMW tube and fin intercooler is designed to support low boost levels and air flow. Once boost levels and air flow are increased, the OEM unit is easily overwhelmed and can not keep up with the cooling demands of a tune running more than the OEM boost levels. This occurs in heatsoak which will result in a power loss and a higher potential for pre-detonation in the upper RPM range. 

VRSF solved this problem with their own custom bar and plate core design which utilises a staggered and offset high density internal and external fin pack. The core has been carefully tuned to provide the the best intake temperature reduction while maintaining minimal pressure drop. The bar & plate core is also much more durable than the OEM tube and fin core, with a better ability to withstand rocks and other debris.



The VRSF intercoolers comes with tabs that allow the retention of the factory fan shroud. We also include additional mounting hardware for extra support. We include everything required to replace the OEM intercooler, including custom moulded couplers and stainless steel t-bolt clamps necessary for installation. Please note that Z4 & 535i models will require additional hardware to complete the installation. Instructions can be found here for the 535i and here for the Z4.



  • High Density Bar & Plate Core
  • Cast Aluminium End Tanks
  • Up to 80% larger than the OEM intercooler
  • Easy installation, less than 2.5 hours
  • VRSF lifetime warranty
  • Dimensions: 20 x 8 x 5" 


Compatibility Check

To ensure the part(s) you have ordered fits your vehicle, we run a compatibility check prior to dispatch. We can do this either using your registration number(UK) or the last 7 digits of your VIN. Simply enter your car details prior to checkout.



1 Series E82 Coupe 135i (N54 & N55) from 2008 - 2010

3 Series E90 Saloon 335i (N54 & N55) from 2007 - 2012

3 Series E91 Estate 335i (N54 & N55) from 2007 - 2012

3 Series E92 Coupe 335i (N54 & N55) from 2007 - 2012

3 Series E93 Convertible 335i  (N54 & N55) from 2007 - 2012

X Series E84 X1 35i (N54 & N55) from 2012 - 2015

Z Series E89 Z4 35i (N54 & N55) from 2009 - 2015

5 Series E60 Saloon (N54 & N55) 535i from 2008 - 2010 


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VRSF Lifetime Warranty (Non-Transferable)


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