Haylie's first Dyno run!

Haylie's first Dyno run!

It's been a busy few months, and things are moving into the right directions for our project car, Hylie. As you may know from our previous blog post, A little about Haylie & Maintenance, we have given Haylie some TLC in preparation for more power! We aim to achieve over 600bhp on pump fuel and we thought it would be a great idea to take her to Surrey Rolling Road for a dyno session to find out what she is producing after we have done the maintenance.


So we booked Haylie in and met up with the owner Charlie, a fantastic guy and very knowledgeable about these cars as well as many others, he has seen some brilliant big power build throughout his dyno career! What I like most about SRR is that there's no incentive for them to exaggerate their figure, as they don't offer any tuning/remapping services. Also, they use Dyno Dynamic which is known as the heart breaker here in the UK. This is due to the dyno producing realistic real world figure, unlike some dynos we have seen way to oftenm that are manipulated and produce unrealistic and boasted figure. 


After setting up Haylie on the Dyno, the fan is switched on, earmuffs on, transmission put into gear and gas paddle pressed to the maximum! The 335i with the N54 engine are 306bhp out of the factory, and Haylie didn't disappoint!

Haylie's First Dyno - ML Performance Project Car BMW 335i N54 E91 LCI

After travelling over 160k miles and the result is amazing for a seven years old lady! She made 313.4bhp @ 5500rpm and 347ft-lb of torque! We were very please with the result and this is a great base run to put things into perspective for the future once we started modifying her. Sadly we didn't get a chance to put Haylie onto the Dyno before carrying out the maintenance, however we are certain Haylie wouldn't have been able to produce such astonishing result without the maintenance being carried out prior to the dyno session. 


Haylie's First Dyno Run (Completely Stock)

Haylie's First Dyno Graph - ML Performance Project Car N54 335i E91 LCI

Now we have a base figure and the maintenance is done, we can finally have some fun and starts modifying her! When driving around with even stock power we noticed the stock brakes system can be improved, so we opt for a set of StopTech Sport Brake Kit to improve the stopping power. The result is superb and this gives us more confidence to add more power to the car safely! It is so important to upgrade your brake systems before adding more power to your car for your own as well as other's safety.

StopTech Sport Brake Kit

On a different note, when we got Haylie we noticed the angel lights were a mismatch and the colour were a very dated yellow with unequal brightness.

Haylie's Original Angel Light Bulb - ML Performance Porject Car E91 335i N54 LCI

So we got to work, and we were shocked when we opened it up! It actually had different bulbs on each side!

Haylie's Original Angel Eyes Bulb - ML Performance UK Project Car H8

The left were the original bulb on the left and the centre is the newly upgraded H8 LED Angel Eyes upgrade Kit and on the right is the original bulb on the right.


so we took the chance to upgrade it to the H8 LED Angel Eyes upgrade Kit from SSDD Motorsport, who specialises in BMW exterior styling. It's a great company run by Teddy who offers excellent customer service and have been around the BMW modifying scene for years, a true enthusiast. The difference is night and day for such a small investment!

Haylie's New Angel Light Bulb - ML Performance Porject Car E91 335i N54 LCI - 2

Here's a clearer close up shot of the newly fitted H8 angel lights

Haylie's New Angel Light Bulb - ML Performance Porject Car E91 335i N54 LCI

Needless to say I am very impressed with the new look and this is how it should've came out of the factory! At the time of writing, they have been on the car for over 9 months and no issue has risen during this time nor any warning lights triggered.


As you can see things are slowing coming along and we are pleased with the progress of the build, now the car is ready for more power, we will be adding the famous Burger Motorsport N54 JB4 Tuning box next to add more power. We will return to SRR for another dyno session once fitted for more testing and we will again publish the results. Stay tuned for more updates on Haylie and thank you for reading till the end. (If anyone is still here)

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