About Us

As a fellow enthusiast, I love modifying my pride and joy as much as you do. Nothing feels better than personalising it to make it your own. Nevertheless, I often find it difficult to locate the OEM parts that I need with ease. This is why I have started ML Performance, an online store that is simple, easy to navigate, and yet informative. You will also find our discounted prices very competitive, often lower than the recommended retail price that you would normally pay at the dealerships.

I'm sure we all share the same experience when it comes to receiving our newly purchased aftermarket parts, only to find the fitment is badly design and the quality is poor. And just like you, I find this extremely frustrating, as I love nothing but perfection. This is why we choose to sell genuine BMW Performance parts, because we understand the importance of quality and perfect fitment. Therefore, everything you purchase here will be a straightforward upgrade from your existing stock item. As every part is specifically designed and manufactured by BMW for your particular car model. So you can be confident that your order will be a perfect fit, and the installation would be straightforward and hassle free as they should be. 

Other than genuine BMW performance parts, we are also an authorised dealer for many well known BMW performance tuning brands, such as Eventuri, Masata, KW, Turbosmart, TheTurboEngineers, H&R and Bilstein. We select our tuning products very carefully, so you don't have to. You can be confident that everything you purchase on here will offer great value and more importantly, excellent quality. 

I hope you will have a great shopping experience on here like never before, and more importantly, Happy Modding! 



Marshall Lee