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BOOTMOD3 Frequently Asked Questions


Bootmod3 is the World's First and most advanced BMW F series flash tuning platform. Here at PTF we've worked tirelessly since late 2015 to create a truly unique cloud based service offering for flash tuning that benefits both end users and tuners in ways prior unimaginable. 

Up until Bootmod3 came into existence there were two popular ways of tuning the BMW F series, using a piggyback device to add boost and sending your ECU (DME) out for a one time flash to a tuner of your choice. With the piggyback the end user has partial control over the boost the car is running but no direct control over any other engine parameters such as ignition timing, lambda targets, fuel pressure targets, torque/load targeting, throttle mapping, valve timing and duration, among others. With the one time flash some tuners were providing the ECU would get reprogrammed on the bench and many of the parameters above would get adjusted. However, if the end user wanted to customize their tune for different modifications, octane levels, go bigger turbos, built motor, datalog how the car was running, to get the most performance out of their car there simply wasn't any way of doing so, until now!

Bootmod3 is a full custom tuning platform for the factory engine computer (ECU/DME) that provides the end user with mobile applications for Android, iOS and Web Browser enabled devices. Users can change their tunes through the OBD port at will using the web or mobile apps taking just shy of 40 seconds to do so.

As of February 2018, we have released the ability to flash the DME without prior removal from the car and directly through the OBD port. So called OBD UNLOCK is currently released for the M3/M4 (S55) with the rest of the engine/DME lineup undergoing release in the next week or two. Prior to this option a one-time removal of the ECU(DME) from the car was required to perform the OBD unlock.

Here is a set of FAQs we've compiled over time that describe how to get Bootmod3 on the car and some of its features:


What is Bootmod3?
Bootmod3 is the first custom tuning platform for the BMW F series vehicles.

What do I need from you to get this going?
1) License purchased on our website, click here. License currently includes all the features including flashing DME, DCT TCU, logging, live dash, read/clear codes, reset adaptations, reset ECU and others.

2) Bootmod3 mobile app - currently available for Android in the Google Play store, click here. iOS app is just around the corner along with a Web-only version.

3) BMW ENET (OBD) cable - available on Amazon, one of them available here:

4) Bootmod3 OBD Agent software - free download from dropbox to run on your laptop. Setup instructions provided, click here. Agent software connects your vehicle's OBD port to Bootmod3 servers and the device is not VIN locked.

Optional: OBD Agent hardware device - Convenience always-on option, alternative to #4 above. Why? Removes the need to use a laptop in the car and comes preconfigured with the agent software for connectivity to Bootmod3 servers and connects to your phone over WIFI.

To setup the OBD WIFI Agent hardware device with the latest firmware click here for instructions.  


How do I flash my DME with Bootmod3?

Click on this link for instructions (one older video linked below):How to flash your BMW F series with bootmod3's OFFLINE flasher


How does Bootmod3 flash the car. Does it need internet?
Bootmod3 is the first cloud based tuning platform. What this means is that we provide all the tools necessary to securely and most efficiently tune the car, through the Web, much like how you have your email with Google (Gmail) instead of hosting your own mail server. Data lives on our servers and the system provides enhanced features such as map editing and configuration, built-in custom tuning with tuners in our Tuner Directory without depending on emailing csv files and map files back and forth. Tuners and end users can enjoy a high level of efficiency when custom tuning either on a local dyno or working with each other remotely.


Can I use Bootmod3 with more than one car?
Bootmod3 license applies to 1 VIN. OBD Agent hardware device however can be used on multiple cars.

Can I just buy the flasher or just the logger as I don't care for other features?
We strongly believe a tuning platform should have all of the features provided and we are adding more all the time without additional licensing fees. In case of higher demand for portions of Bootmod3 features such as offering flash-only or logging-only licenses, we do have the means to separate them out. Please inquire separately at this time.

Do I need to remove my DME and send it out for unlock?

Port flashing without DME removal is now available for the S55 with other engine support (N55/N20/N26/S63TU/N63TU) coming in the next week or two. 


What size and tool is required to open JB4?

Specification of the tool required to open the JB4 box: 7/64” Allen


How do I reach you if I have an issue or need help?
Simply email us on:


I see the Stock Tune under My Maps. How do I get a tune (OTS map) to flash on my car?
Go to the OTS Maps screen and click on the OTS Map you'd like to flash on your car and proceed with flashing. You can choose any of the OTS Maps available.

Any DYNO numbers or results?
Many results on our instagram account @protuningfreaks but here are some links: real world results/records listing:

S55 (M3 / M4):

Stage 1 93 octane:
Stage 1 93 octane, comparison with JB4 on pump gas:
Stage 2 93 octane:
Stage 2 93 octane with OEM downpipes, comparison with JB4 :
Stage 2 93 octane + Meth


N55 EWG (235i / 335i / 435i / M2 / X4 M40i / X5 35i / 640/535):
M2 (N55 EWG) FBO + Pure Stage 2 on pump 93 octane:
M2 (N55 EWG) FBO, Stock Turbo on pump 91 octane:
M235i, Stock turbo, pump gas, stock intercooler, just downpipe+intake:
335i Stock turbo + meth (world record N55):
335i FBO+Meth on stock turbo:
X4 M40i Stock Turbo 93 octane 
PWG 535 FBO+Pure Stage 2:


S63TU (M5 / M6 / X5M / X6M):
Stage 2 on 93 octane + downpipes:

Can I run E85 or meth and do you have OTS maps for these?
Yes. We have E30 (30% ethanol) blend OTS maps available. Full E85 maps are custom and can be done with any of the tuners listed in our tuner directory.

Do you offer backend flashes to run with a JB4 if I use it for methanol injection or secondary port injection?
Our OTS Stage 1 and Stage 2 maps are great backend flashes as they raise load and torque targets far higher than stock allowing the DME and TCU to run as close to actual values as possible. 1 map is included with your license purchase, and you can use it as your BEF.

How do I datalog?
Using the bootmod3 mobile app and agent running in the car while connected to the bootmod3 servers (cloud).

Do I need to always have a laptop with me in the car to run the agent? Do I need the device always plugged in?
No. Agent that runs on a laptop or hardware WIFI device is only required to be used if using the bootmod3 app features. Otherwise, no need for anything to be plugged into the OBDII port.

What's the difference between Bootmod3 and JB4?
bootmod3 reprograms the vehicle's factory engine control unit (DME) and in some cases other ECUs such as the transmission control unit (EGS/TCU). JB4 is a boost controller with ability to run a methanol pump or secondary fuel injectors, features not available to the DME at this time. TorqByte is another alternative as a meth controller, much more advanced and with finer control from the tuning point of view.

Can I tune my own car with Bootmod3?
Yes! You can go into the Stock Tune and do 'Save As' another map so your stock tune stays in tact and you can start tuning it yourself or with your preferred tuner/shop.

Here are some videos created by Cary Jordan (CaryTheLabelGuy), one of the tuners using bootmod3's custom tuning features:


Here's a demo of the app in use with the OBD Agent WIFI hardware device, in this case showing the optional USB connectivity, courtesy of Paul Johnson, one of the Bootmod3 tuners: 


Will this void my warranty?

As with any aftermarket hardware modification on the car or any tuning, there is a chance the dealer may refuse or void the drivetrain portion of your warranty. Many dealers are highly tolerant towards modifications and if you don't have one, find yourself a friendly Service Advisor ;)


I'm moving on to a different car. Can I re-sell my license?
Yes. Bootmod3 is the only BMW F series flash solution where the license can be resold and/or transferred to a new VIN when/if you decide to move on for any reason. Having re-sale value is a great advantage to choosing Bootmod3 for your tuning which is NOT available with any other flash tune.
- License transfer is restricted to the original order purchase and buyer. Transferred licenses cannot be transferred more than once.
- Any previously purchased OTS maps and custom tunes by the original buyer are not transferrable due to map data incompatibilities between cars.
- To transfer a license you need to get in touch with with your original order number, existing VIN and the new VIN to verify car being flashed back to the stock map.