Performance Basics 2: Reasons To Get Drooling Over ECU Tuning

Performance Basics 2: Reasons To Get Drooling Over ECU Tuning


We inconspicuously overheard a conversation the other day.

It went something like this.

John 1: “Hey man, my friends are getting their car remap done. Ever heard of ECU remapping? What are your thoughts on that?”

John 2: “I don’t have a clue man…”

We don’t ‘normally’ eavesdrop on conversations. But if you’re like John 1 (or 2) we think this article may be just the thing for you.


ECU tuning, aka ECU remapping or chip tuning, means to “hack the chip” which is your ECU settings to improve targeted areas in your car’s performance. These temporary changes that rewrite your vehicle’s software, have been performed by scandalous amounts of sports car enthusiasts like yourself to revamp the functionality of their car.

So, sit back and relax.


4 Ways ECU Tuning Will Rock Your Car



1. Smoother Performance

Windows down, sunroofs up.

You’re having your routine drive down the road.

It should feel smooth as it feels exhilarating.

Unfortunately, most stock settings on your car are not designed for optimal performance.


ECU tuning, however, allows you to freely and safely calibrate your car’s parameters — such as the carburetor, variable valve timing, variable valve lift, drive wire throttle, electronic boost control, volumetric efficiency tuning, MAF scaling, turbocharge, etc. — to achieve optimum performance, ultimately transforming your mundane drive into a stunning ride! 


2. Increased horsepower and torque

Not only that, but you are given the option to fine tune other parameters to accommodate your personal tastes such as the air-fuel ratio, ignition timing, RPM, and more. Modifying components such as your turbocharger will boost and increase the horsepower and torque output of your car, yielding a more wickedly powerful performance!


Here’s a comparison example of power gains:


ECU Tune: Stage 1



ECU Tune: Stage 2


The top shows tuning results for Stage 1 93 Octane, where the horsepower and torque outputs are 28 BHP and 61 BTQ higher than stock settings, respectively.

Then at the bottom, Stage 2 93 Octane yields a horsepower and torque output of 24 BHP and 24 BTQ more than Stage 1!

See the difference? Great!

Now, back to the reasons we love ECU tunes.


3. Customised to your needs

What makes users love ECU remapping and return to it? It is the freedom you possess to tweak and tune your car however you like.

Even if you lack experience with ECU tuning, it is completely customisable to serve your needs and desires. Whether you want to optimise your power band, save on fuel usage, modify your RPM and more, you have the power within your fingertips to obtain that within minutes. The best part, is that ECU remapping becomes even more resourceful and rewarding when you are conforming to changes in terrain and season.


4. Easy to install

More recent advancements in ECU tuning has led to FLASH tuning, which allows you to tune your vehicle in the comfort of your own home within a matter of minutes! In the past, chip tuning required replacing your old chip with a new one installed with the new software. That required time, money, and hunting down an approved local garage!

Now, all you need is a flash, the OBD-2 port in your car, a laptop and the software — little things that bring about massive changes.

The spike in demand for easily available, do-it-yourself ECU tuning, has led to manufacturers scrambling to put forth ECU flash tunes options customers will love and trust.


Integrated Engineering Tunes (Audi & VW)


Take a look at Integrated Engineering (IE) for example. Their engineers manufacture top quality performance parts specifically fabricated for Volkswagen and Audi vehicles, offering an extensive range of one-of-a-kind performance parts that will guarantee greater power and precision for your car.

We will have a more in depth article on IE Tunes specifically in our next article, but if you wish to explore these products you can do so via this link.


Xatrix Tunes (BMW)

Now if you own a BMW instead and you are after custom tunes, Xatrix is another one of our most well-received brands. If you are interested, do contact us to learn more.