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BMS BMW B38 B46 B48 B58 JB+ (M140i, M240i, 340i, 440i & 540i)


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A true plug and play tune offering safe and adjustable
25-40 Horsepower gains at the wheels! 

Finally our popular and well proven JB+ quick install tuner is available for B48 and B58 applications! Boost is user adjustable up to 4.5psi over stock providing gains up to 30 wheel horsepower and 40 wheel torque on the B48 motor and up to 40 wheel horsepower and 50 wheel torque on the B58 motor. Timing and fueling remains managed seamlessly by the DME preserving all factory safety systems.

While the JB4 is the ultimate tuning tool the JB+ is a quick and simple way to add a few HP with minimal cost and minimal install effort. Something that anyone can buy, install in under a minute, and really feel from the drivers seat.

Fuel economy during normal driving is unchanged. Automatically detects the engine type upon installation allowing the same unit to be used for any B48 B58 F series application! Not legal for sale or use within California.

If you have a Mini or BMW X1 & X2 with the B38/B48 engine, you will need the BMS BMW Mini B38 B46 B48 JB+ (X1, X2, One, Cooper, Clubman & Countryman)


Compatibility Check

To ensure the part(s) you have ordered fits your vehicle, we run a compatibility check prior to dispatch. We can do this either using your registration number(UK) or the last 7 digits of your VIN. Simply enter your car details prior to checkout. 



BMW 1 Series
• 2015+ B58 M140i
• 2015+ F20/F21 B38 116i
• 2015+ F20/F21 B38 118i

BMW 2 Series
• 2017+ F22 F23 B58 M240i/iX
• 2017+ F22 F23 B48 230i/iX
• 2017+ F22 F23 B48 225i/iX 
• 2017+ F22 F23 B46 220i/iX
• 2015+ F45/F46 B38 216i AT/GT
• 2015+ F22/F23 B38 218i
• 2014+ F45/F46 B38 218i AT/GT

BMW 3 Series
• 2016+ F30 F31 B58 340i/340iX
• 2016+ F30 F31 B48 330i/330iX/330e
• 2016+ F30 F31 B48 325i/325iX
• 2015+ F30 F31 B38 318i/318iX

BMW 4 Series
• 2016+ F32 F33 F36 B58 440i/440iX
• 2016+ F32 F33 F36 B46 430i/430iX 
• 2016+ F32 F33 F36 B48 420i/420iX
• 2016+ F32 F33 F36 B38 418i

BMW 5 Series
• 2017+ G30 B58 540i/540iX
• 2018+ G30 B48 530e 

BMW 7 Series
• 2016+ G01 B58 740i/740Li

BMW X Series
• 2018+ B58 X3 M40i

Will work on most BMW with the B48 and B58 engine even if it is not on the above list, excluding the X1 and X2. If you are unsure, please drop us an email and we would be delighted to double check for you! 


Free Next Day UK Delivery

Free next day delivery if ordered before 11am! We can also ship worldwide, simply contact us for a quote.



5 Year BMS Repair Warranty


Manufactured by

Burger Motorsports


Part Number



BMS BMW F Chassis B46/B48/B58 JB4 (M140i, 220i, M240i, 320i, 330i, 340i, 420i, 440i & X1 ) Installation Guide - ML Performance UK


JB+ Dyno results (Click to enlarge)

2016 BMW 340i, 91 octane, stock vs. JB Plus

BMS BMW B58/B46/B48 JB+ (M140i, 220i, M240i, 320i, 330i, 340i, 420i, 440i & X1 )



23cm x 17cm x 5cm




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