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EBC BMW F20 F30 F32 Yellowstuff Rear Brake pads (M135i, M140i, 335i & 435i)


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Note: These are the rear brake pads. We also offer the EBC BMW Yellowstuff Front Brake pads.

These rear brake pads only work with Brembo calipers. If you have ATE calipers, please check out the EBC BMW Yellowstuff Rear Brake pads for ATE calipers.

The new EBC Brakes® Yellowstuff compound is essentially a race pad but with a BIG difference in that it works from cold and can be safely used on the highway. If you want the ultimate in high friction braking, this is the pad to choose. Brakes feel superb from first touch of the pedal and stay effective up to race temperatures.

EBC Brakes® Yellowstuff is designed for faster imports and high horsepower cars where maximum stopping is the prime requirement and for short duration track use. Its dust rating is similar to OEM parts. All pads come with edge chamfers, centre line slots, noise reduction shims and OEM hardware as needed. All EBC pads feature the EBC Brake-In™ surface coating which helps pads to seat quickly after install.



    1 Series F20 5d Hatchback M135i/M140i 2012+

    1 Series F21 3dr Hatchback M135i/M140i 2012+

    2 Series F22 F23 M235i 2013-2016

    3 Series F34 328i 2013+

    3 Series F30 330i / 330d 2015+

    3 Series F30 F31 F34 335i 2012-2016

    3 Series F30 F31 F34 340i 2015+

    4 Series F32 F33 F36 435i 440i 2013+

    F80 F82 F87 M2 M3 M4 2014+


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    EBC one year or 10,000 miles warranty


    Manufactured by

    EBC Brakes


    Part Number

    DP42133R (Rear)



    23.5cm x 11cm x 10cm




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