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Genuine BMW/Mini E90 F06 F12 F20 F22 F30 F32 F80 F82 F87 Wireless Charging Tray - ML Performance UK

Genuine BMW/Mini E90 F06 F12 F20 F22 F30 F32 F80 F82 F87 Wireless Charging Tray


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The Wireless Charging Tray is a secure, sturdy storage option for the mobile phone, offering wireless charging and connectivity to the vehicle's exterior antenna. The wireless charging function (including LED charge status indicator) is suitable for all mobile phones that support the Qi charging technology. The Wireless Charging Tray can be retrofitted in selected vehicles with an existing baseplate.



  • Wireless charging without cable.
  • The inductive coupling to the external antenna ensures optimal network reception while reducing the radiation inside the vehicle.
  • The integrated LED charge status indicator informs the customer continuously about the charging process and status of the mobile phone.
  • The holder in practical design provides a secure and stable storage of the mobile phone.
  • The Wireless Charging Tray is perfectly integrated into the vehicle and was developed exclusively for BMW and MINI. Compatibility with information and communication electronics is thus guaranteed.
  • No interference to other electronic devices as the Wireless Charging tray is tested and approved for electromagnetic compatibility.



  • The mobile phone is pushed into the holding device and clamped.
  • As soon as the mobile phone rests, it is charged wirelessly and connected to the outside antenna via a non-contact antenna connection (coupling antenna). An optimal transmission and reception quality is thus guaranteed.
  • Due to the different dimensions of the individual mobile phones must be checked in advance by the customer, whether the space for the use of the appropriate device is sufficient. The mobile phone (including case) must not exceed the maximum size of length x width x height, 151 x 74 x 16 mm. Since the space available in the center console varies depending on the vehicle model, wider mobile phones may also be used if they do not collide laterally.
  • Common covers, unless equipped with a wireless charging feature, can block the wireless charging of mobile phones.



  • Charging current: 1 amp
  • Connection to outdoor antenna
  • Wireless use of the entertainment program and apps, depending on the vehicle (model, year of manufacture, features) and the mobile phone used. The Wireless Charging Drive is compatible with these features, but does not extend them.


Compatibility Check

To ensure the part(s) you have ordered fits your vehicle, we run a compatibility check prior to dispatch. We can do this either using your registration number(UK) or the last 7 digits of your VIN. Simply enter your car details prior to checkout.



1 Series 1 F20 5-door, 1 F20 LCI 5-door, 1 F21 3-door, 1 F21 LCI 3-door

2 Series F22 Coupe, 2 F22 LCI Coupe, 2 F23 Convertible, 2 F23 LCI Convertible

2 F45 Active Tourer, 2er F46 Gran Tourer

2 Series F87 M2 Coupe, 2 Series F87 M2 LCI Coupe

3 Series E90 LCI Sedan, 3 Series E90 Sedan, 3 Series E91 LCI Touring, 3 Series E91 Touring, 3 Series E92 Coupe, 3 Series E92 LCI Coupe, 3 Series E93 Convertible, 3 Series E93 LCI Convertible

3 Series F30 LCI Sedan, 3 Series F30 Sedan, 3 Series F31 LCI Touring, 3 Series F31 Touring

3 Series F34 GT Gran Turismo, 3 Series F34 GT LCI Gran Turismo

3 Series F80 M3 LCI Sedan, 3 Series F80 M3 Sedan

4 Series F32 Coupe, 4 Series F32 LCI Coupe, 4 Series F33 Convertible, 4 Series F33 LCI Convertible 4 Series F36 Gran Coupe

4 Series F82 LCI Gran Coupe, 4 Series F82 M4 Coupe, 4 Series F82 M4 LCI Coupe, 4 Series F83 M4 Convertible, 4 Series F83 M4 LCI Convertible

6 Series F06 Gran Coupe, 6 Series F06 LCI Gran Coupe

6 Series F12 Convertible, 6 Series F12 LCI Convertible, 6 Series F13 Coupe,6 F13 LCI Coupe

X Series X5 F15 SAV, X5 M F85 SAV, X6 F16 SAC, X6 M F86 SAC

MINI F54 Clubman, MINI F60 Countryman


This does not fit the 5 Series F10/F11, please contact us for a quote if you require this.


Requires comfort telephone with enhance smartphone option from factory build



Due to the technology, the mobile phone warms up during wireless charging. If the device heats up too much, the device may stop charging or the display of the mobile phone may be dimmed or switched off.



We aim to deliver your order within 5-7 working days of receiving your order.



Two years manufacture warranty.


Manufactured by

BMW - Genuine BMW Performance Parts. 


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23cm x 9cm x 7cm