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Genuine BMW M Carbon Ceramic Brake Retrofit Kit F80 M3 F82 F83 M4 - ML Performance UK

Genuine BMW F80 F82 M Carbon Ceramic Brake Retrofit Kit (M3 & M4)


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The genuine BMW M carbon-ceramic brake is a technique from racing, especially designed for F80 M3 & F82/F83 M4. Through the use of the high-tech recyclable materials carbon and ceramic, the thermal load capacity also increases in extreme situations such as on the racetrack. The weight reduction of the brake disc has a positive effect on the fuel consumption and the agility of the M vehicle. Its long service life even slows down wear. Depending on the situation, the carbon-ceramic brake offers a further increase in active safety compared to the M compound brake. As an optical distinguishing feature, the calipers are painted in gold. 


You will also need to change the brake sensor when retrofitting the BMW M Carbon Ceramic brake kit.



  • The sportiness of the vehicle is underlined by the attractive exterior appearance. Especially when fitted with light-alloy wheels with an open wheel design. 
  • Novel carbon fibre composite ceramic: As a result, the brake discs are much more resistant to wear and a change is much less necessary. 
  • Even more direct / spontaneous use of braking force under extremely high load due to high and stable friction coefficient. 
  • Highest heat resistance even with sporty continuous use. 
  • 60% lighter than conventional brake discs: The reduced unsprung weight reduces the weight of the chassis and improves the road contact of the wheels. Weight reduction of rotating wheel masses by 13.50 kg. 
  • More accurate metering of braking power and agility when cornering by reducing the mass moment of inertia. 
  • Even more resistance to decreasing braking effect due to high thermal load (fading) than in the standard built-6-piston fixed caliper brake with also ventilated and perforated Gußbremsscheiben. 
  • High corrosion resistance of the material and thus an extension of the life of the brake discs. 
  • The BMW carbon ceramic brake was designed and tested according to internal requirements. 


Technical information: 

  • Weight reduction of approx. 13.5 kilograms 
  • Novel carbon fibre composite ceramic 
  • The carbon-ceramic brake can only be combined with 19 "M light-alloy wheels (even with winter tires) due to the larger brake discs at the front.
  • The retrofit kit corresponds to the SA 2NK (M carbon ceramic brake) and is code-relevant.


      Compatibility Check

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      In the box: 

      • Carbon ceramic brake discs front & rear
      • Brake caliper housing front & rear
      • Brake pads front & rear
      • Brake booster
      • Brake protection plates front axle
      • various small fitting parts



      F80 M3 Saloon 
      • M3 (3C91)

      F80 M3 LCI Saloon

      • M3 (8M91)

      F82 M4 Coupe

      • M4 (3R91)

       F82 M4 LCI Coupe

      • M4 (4Y91)
      • M4 CS (3S71)

      F83 M4 convertible

      • M4 (3U91)

      F83 M4 LCI Convertible

      • M4 (4Z91)



      We aim to deliver your order within 5-7 working days of receiving your order.



      Two years manufacture warranty.


      Manufactured by

      BMW - Genuine BMW Performance Parts. 


      Part Number




      120 x 79 x 47 cm



      76 kg

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