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VRSF BMW N55 4" Catless Downpipe M2, M135i, M235i, 335i & 435i (After July 2013)


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At ML Performance, we are proud to introduce you to the VRSF Ceramic Coated Catless Downpipe for your N55 BMW. This downpipe is the best value downpipe available on the market. By eliminating the restrictive catalytic converter in the factory downpipe, back pressure is reduced significantly which results in faster spool, an increase in power & a more aggressive exhaust note.

The VRSF catless downpipe are hand crafted from mandrel bent SS304 grade stainless steel and the turbo flange is precision CNC machined out of billet 304 grade stainless steel.  All VRSF products includes a VRSF lifetime warranty.

You may also wish to add the VRSF CEL Delete to remove the warning light.

Please note that all Left Hand Drive M135i & 335i models produced up to 07/13 require the VRSF N55 3.5" Catless Downpipe.  For Right Hand Drive M135i & 335i models produced up to 07/13, we offer the Wagner downpipes.


This 4" downpipe fits M135 and 335i models produced after 07/13 and all M2, M235i and 435i models.


We also offer ceramic coating services on these utilising Cerakotes High Temperature Ceramic coating, made to withstand temperatures up to 1800F. Please note that while we do offer a lifetime warranty on the downpipe, we only offer a 1 year warranty on the ceramic coating services due to the nature of the product. We use Cerakote's best thermal barrier coating which helps keep the hot air inside the exhaust and out of the engine bay which decreases overall intake air temps along with engine and transmission oil temps.


We also highly recommend to replace the downpipe to turbo gasket when installing the catless downpipe.



  • Made from hand crafted, tig welded 304 grade stainless steel.
  • Smooth radius bends to decrease turbulence and increase flow.
  • CNC SS304 Stainless Steel Flanges.
  • Gains from 20-25hp with tune.
  • VRSF Lifetime Warranty


VRSF Decat Downpipe in action with stock exhaust & Burble set to medium


Compatibility (Fits both LHD & RHD)

1 Series F20/F21 M135i & M135 XDrive from July 2013 - present

2 Series F22/F23 M235i & M235i XDrive from 2013 - present

3 Series F30 335i & 335i XDrive from July 2013 - present

4 Series F32/F33 435i & 435i XDrive from 2013 - present

M Series F87 M2 from 2014 - present


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VRSF Lifetime Warranty (Non-Transferable)


Manufactured by



Part Number

N55-F30-DP-4 (Without Ceramic Coating)

N55-F30-DP-4-CC (Include Ceramic Coating)



N55-F30-DP-4 - 44 x 14 x 14cm

N55-F30-DP-4-CC - 45 x 13 x 14 cm



N55-F30-DP-4 - 1.9Kg

N55-F30-DP-4-CC - 1.87 kg

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