Ben's BMW M140i with BMS JB+ and Agency Power Intake!

Ben's BMW M140i with BMS JB+ and Agency Power Intake!

Ben wanted to get more power and sound out of his new BMW M140i when he first got in touch with us, he already had the Genuine BMW M Performance Exhaust fitted. After discussing his options, he decided to upgrade his stock intake to the Agency Power B58 Performance Intake for more power and sound improvement. Shortly after upgrading his intake, he also wanted to turn up the boost, so the simple plug and play BMS B58 JB+ was his ideal choice. 

Curious on what the modification would actually produce, Ben took his car to RS Tuning and put his BMW M140i on their Dyno Dynamic, also known as the heart breaker here in the UK for producing realistic real world figure, below are the results:


On stock boost with M Performance Exhaust and Agency Power B58 Performance Intake the BMW M140i produced 358.1bhp and 395 (Ft-Lb) torque.

Ben's BMW M140i Dyno Stock Run 358.1bhp 395lbs


Second run with M Performance ExhaustBMS B58 JB+ and Agency Power B58 Performance Intake, the car produced 410.5bhp with 475 (Ft-lb) torque.

Ben's BMW M140i Dyno Second Run with JB+ & AP Intake 410.5bhp & 475lbs torque


Needless to say, Ben is very pleased with the power gain and so are we, if you are looking to add more power on your BMW M140i & M240i, this combination may just be right for you!


Footnote: All dyno runs were carried out by RS Tuning Limited and we have no affiliation with the organisation, and printouts were sent to us from our customer, Ben. 


Dear Ben: a special thank you for sending us your results and allowing us to share with other car enthusiast, I hope you enjoy the additional power! 

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