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BMS BMW B58 Billet Intake (M140i, M240i, 340i & 440i)


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Ready to take your BMW B58 turbo to the next level?

This billet plug and play air intake system unlocks up to 8whp to the wheels from your B58 engine. In addition to the extra power throttle response, turbo spool, and sound are dramatically improved, finally allowing you to hear your turbo spool up under heavy acceleration. The system is CNC machined from billet aluminium, anodised black for a clean look and includes a reusable S&B high flow filter. The OEM cold air intake tube and insulating base remain fully functional. Install takes only minutes and is fully reversible. Made in USA.


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BMW 1 Series
• 2016+ F20/F21 B58 M140i
BMW 2 Series
• 2016+ F22 F23 B58 M240i

BMW 3 Series
• 2016+ F30 B58 340i and 340ix
BMW 4 Series
• 2016+ F32 B58 440i

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BMS do not offer warranty on this product.


Manufactured by

Burger Motorsports


Part Number




35 x 25 x 17 cm



1.3 kg


BMS BMW E Chassis N54 JB4 (1M, 135i, 335i, 535i, X6 & Z4) Installation Guide - ML Performance


Stock BMW 340 Intake vs B58 Billet Performance Intake


Tuned Dyno (Click to enlarge)

BMS BMW F Chassis B58 Billet Intake (M140i, M240i, 340i & 440i) Tuned Dyno - ML Performance UK


Intake only Dyno (Click to enlarge)

BMS BMW F Chassis B58 Billet Intake (M140i, M240i, 340i & 440i) - Intake only Dyno - ML Performance UK

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