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Genuine BMW M Performance Silencer/Muffler Exhaust System M3 F80


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From the race track onto the street: This lightweight valve exhaust system with titanium silencer produces a highly emotional array, racing-like sound. It was developed especially for the M3. Complimented with two 80 mm twin tailpipes made ​​of titanium with M logo to give the vehicle a distinctive look. Alternatively, 93 mm tailpipes made ​​of carbon with M logo can also be selected.

  • The M Performance silencer system gives the rear of the vehicle a distinctive and individual look.
  • The perforated inner pipes shows an excellent high-tech, sportiness and highlights the individual characteristics of the BMW M Series.
  • High-quality alternatives. You can choose between tailpipes made ​​of titanium or carbon fibre to make the vehicle even more individual and special than it already is.
  • Sounds performance: over the engine Dynamic button, multiple modes can be switched, which will affect the performance of the exhaust system:

Sport and Sport + Mode: extreme emotional sound, very athletic, very loud to give the maximum performance.

Efficient Mode: sporty sound, sportier and more emotional compared to standard, but with residual comfort for uncompromising everyday use
  • optimized exhaust system enhances the already characterful 6 cylinder bi-turbo sound for a sporty driving experience.
  • the exhaust system consists of a high-quality mix of materials, in which the preliminary tubes are made ​​of a lightweight steel and the silencer is made ​​entirely with titanium.
  • Lightweight: the silencer system is 32% (8 kg) lighter than the stock.
  • The exhaust system has been designed with the latest CAD and FEM technology, to ensures an optimal fit and the highest quality are achieved.
  • Easy installation: The exhaust system can be easily installed by bolting with the clamps provided. Welding is not necessary. 


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In the box: 

M Performance silencer with 4 polished titanium tailpipes or 4 carbon fibre tailpipes.

All the necessary mounting hardware. 



3 Series M3 F80 Saloon

from April 2012 - Present



We aim to deliver your order within 5-7 working days of receiving your order.



Two years manufacture warranty.


Manufactured by

BMW - Genuine BMW Performance Parts. 



Please contact us if you require a fitting service on this exhaust.


Part Number

18302349921 (Silencer System)

18302358111 (Titanium Tailpipes)

18302358110 (Carbon Tailpipes)



200 x 96 x 32cm (18302349921)

20 x 16 x 20cm (18302358111 x 4)



30kg (18302349921)

1.9kg (18302358111 x 4)