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H&R BMW bolts, locks & key in Black for 13, 15 & 18mm spacer - ML Performance UK

H&R BMW F Chassis Extended Bolts & Locks for 10 & 12mm Spacers


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The highest quality extended locks & bolts you can purchase for your F chassis BMW, to be used with H&R 10mm and 12mm spacers. The extended locks & bolts is designed specifically for the German born high performance BMW, using the finest material on the market with exceptional quality control. This provides the ultimate performance for your pride and joy.

Unlike the cheaply made bolts flooding the market, the H&R bolts and locks are made in Germany and TUV approved so you can have a peace of mind when driving your car.


In the box

  • 8 x H&R Extended Bolts
  • 2 x H&R Locks 
  • 1 x H&R Key




To be used with H&R Spacer in 10mm or 12mm size on F Chassis BMWs, please check with us before ordering if you are unsure.


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