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SPEC E90 E92 BMW Clutches (335i & 335d) - ML Performance UK

SPEC BMW E82 E90 N54 N55 Clutches (135i, 335i & 335d)


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These kits feature a non-SAC mechanism pressure plate, which , deviating from the original design, provides a lighter rotating assembly, higher rpm capability and greater clamp load levels. Required for the install is a billet rebuildable flywheel that features a lightweight, low MOI design and infinite rebuildability. The billet aluminum flywheel weighs 14lbs, and billet steel 22 lbs.


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Note: This product cannot be fitted to an OEM design. Clutches that can fit to an OEM design are found here.




Torque capacity for different performance levels:

Stage 1 : 430 ft-lbs

Stage 2 : 485 ft-lbs

Stage 2+ : 545 ft-lbs

Stage 2+ (Hybrid) : 545 ft-lbs, Enhanced drivability and wear life

Stage 3 : 580 ft-lbs

Stage 3+ : 671 ft-lbs

Stage 4 : 580 ft-lbs

Stage 5 : 820 ft-lbs


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BMW 135i 3.0L (N54/N55) 2007-2012

BMW 335i/335d 3.0L 2007-2012 


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Lifetime warranty


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Part Number

Stage 1 (SB531-2)

Stage 2 (SB532-2)

Stage 2+ (SB533H-2)

Stage 2+ Hybrid (SB533H-2H)

Stage 3 (SB533-2)

Stage 3+ (SB533F-2)

Stage 4 (SB534-2)

Stage 5 (SB535-2)



SB533H-2 - 42cm x 42cm x 13.5cm



SB533H-2 - 9.2Kg