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BMS BMW N20 N26 JB4 Tuning Box (220i, 320i, 420i & 520i)


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The N20 / N26 JB4 expands upon the popular N20 / N26 Stage1 tune with CANbus functionality. This allows for multiple maps which can be changed in dash, built in diagnostics including code reading/deleting, ethanol support, and much more to come with free software updates.

Click here for the latest firmware, settings, and directions for the N20 N26 JB4.


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2 Series:
• 2014+ 2 Series F22/F23 220i/228i N20 & N26

3 Series:

• 2012+ 3 Series F30/F31 320/328 N20 & N26

4 Series:
• 2014+ 4 Series F32/F33 420/428 N20 & N26

5 Series:
• 2011-2016 5 Series F10 520/528 N20 & N26

X Series
• 2011–2017 F25 X3 xDrive20i, xDrive28i

E chassis X1 and Z4:
• 2013-2016 E89 Z4 28i
• 2013-2015 E83 X1 28i/iX

BMS BMW N20 N26 JB4 (220i, 320i, 420i & 520i) Install Guide

328i Pump Gas Dyno (Click to enlarge)

BMS BMW N20 N26 JB4 (220i, 320i, 420i & 520i) - 328 Pump Gas Dyno - ML Performance UK


320i JB4 Dyno (Click to enlarge)

BMS BMW N20 N26 JB4 (220i, 320i, 420i & 520i) - 320 JB4 Dyno


328i E85 Dyno (Click to enlarge)

BMS BMW N20 N26 JB4 (220i, 320i, 420i & 520i) - 328i E85 Dyno



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5 Year BMS Repair Warranty


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