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H&R BMW F20 F30 Wheel Spacers, lockers & Bolts (Pair)

H&R BMW 1/2/3/4/5/6 Series F20, F22, F30, F32, F10, F12 & F80 M3 Wheel Spacers, lockers & Bolts (Pair)


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The highest quality spacer you can purchase for your BMW. The H&R Spacers is designed specifically for the German born high performance BMW, using the best quality material on the market and exceptional quality control. This provides the ultimate performance for your pride and joy.

Unlike the cheaply made spacers flooding the market, the H&R spacers stands out from the crowd, all H&R spacers are made in Germany and TUV approved to the highest standard.


10 & 12mm spacers are not to be used on the rear of the F20/F30 vehicles, only 13mm onwards for your safety.


In the box

  • 2x H&R Wheel Spacers
  • 8x Extended length H&R wheel bolts
  • 2x locking wheel bolts
  • 1x Key for locking wheel bolts


BMW F20 M135i - Front: 12mm / Rear: 15mm 

Fitted with 25mm H&R lowering Springs - Special thanks to David P.

David Pybus - M135i 12mm (F) 15mm (R) with 25mm H&R lowering Springs - ML Performance UK


BMW F20 M135i - Front: 12mm & Rear: 15mm 
Fitted with 25mm H&R lowering Springs - Special thanks to David P.

BMW F20 M135i Front: 12mm / Rear 15mm & 25mm H&R lowering Springs - Special thanks to David P.


BMW F20 M135i - Front: 15mm & Rear: 15mm spacers
Fitted with 25mm H&R lowering Springs - Special thanks to James D.
25mm H&R lowering spring and 15mm spacer all round James Dear - ML Performance UK


Compatibility Check

To ensure the part(s) you have ordered fits your vehicle, we run a compatibility check prior to dispatch. We can do this either using your registration number(UK) or the last 7 digits of your VIN. Simply enter your car details prior to checkout. 



1 series F20 F21 2010+

114i, 116i, 118i, 120i, 125i, M135i(xDrive) & M140i

114d, 116d, 118d(xDrive), 120d(xDrive) & 125d


2 series F22 F23 2013+

218i, 220i, 228i, 230i, M235i(xDrive) & M240i(xDrive)

218d, 220d & 225d


3 series F30 F31 2011+

316i, 318i, 320i, 320i(xDrive), 328i(xDrive), 330i(xDrive), 335i(xDrive) & 340i(xDrive)

316d 318d(xDrive), 320d(xDrive), 325d, 330d(xDrive) & 335d xDrive


4 series F32 F33 2013+

418i, 420i(xDrive), 428i(xDrive), 430i(xDrive), 435i(xDrive) & 440i(xDrive)

418d, 420d(xDrive), 425d(xDrive) 430d(xDrive) & 435d(xDrive)


5 series F10 F11 2009+

520i, 523i, 528i(xDrive), 535i(xDrive) & 550i(xDrive)

518d, 520d(xDrive), 525d(xDrive), 530d(xDrive), 535d(xDrive) & M 550d xDrive


6 series F12 F13 F06 March 2011+

640i, 650i & 640d


M Series F80 F82 2011+

M3 & M4(Competition)


M Series F87 2015+



X Series F25 Sept. 2010+

X3 xDrive 20i, X3 xDrive 28i & X3 xDrive 35i

X3 xDrive 20d, X3 xDrive 30d & X3 xDrive 35d


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