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Eventuri BMW E90 E92 S65 Carbon Plenum (M3)


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BMW S65 Carbon Plenum (M3)

*Some images are shown with the optional Carbon Intake and Airbox Lid. M and V8 badges not included.

Introducing our E9X M3 Carbon Fiber Plenum. Made from 100% high-grade prepreg carbon including the internal trumpets, this plenum replaces the stock plastic version and unleashes the roar of the naturally aspirated BMW V8 engine. Since the trumpet lengths are tuned by BMW to the internal volume, changing this could result in a loss of performance so we kept the same volume to not upset the way the car drives in terms of power delivery. Although there isn’t a performance gain from the carbon plenum, the induction sound generated takes the driving experience of the M3 to a whole new level. The raw V8 rumble gives the M3 an almost CSL like sound and is truly an intoxicating experience. We went through several iterations using different carbon thicknesses to fine tune the sound and the resulting plenum generates an almost unbelievable induction volume and tone.

This plenum can be used with the OEM airbox or any aftermarket intake system. Our own additional E9X M3 intake system provides a genuine performance gain and can be found here: 

Eventuri BMW S65 Carbon Plenum (M3)

The Eventuri E9X M3 Carbon inlet plenum is crafted from 100% prepreg carbon fiber and consists of a number of components engineered to perform a specific purpose:

Each Plenum consists of:

  • Carbon Fibre base and Lid
  • 8 x Carbon trumpets with OEM specifications
  • 8 x CNC machined aluminium flanges
  • CNC machined temperature sensor boss
  • CNC machined breather boss

Eventuri BMW S65 Carbon Plenum (M3)

A lot of attention was given to the fitment of the plenum to ensure that it fits just like OEM. The precision machined flanges allow for easy placement and installation of the plenum. Furthermore, the CNC machined temperature sensor boss allows for an exact and secure fit of the sensor - just like the OEM version. No corners were cut in the development of this plenum and together with our additional E9X M3 intake system, the transformation of the car is astounding. 

Eventuri BMW S65 Carbon Plenum (M3)

Eventuri BMW S65 Carbon Plenum (M3) - ML Performance UK

Eventuri BMW S65 Carbon Plenum (M3) - ML Performance UK

Eventuri BMW S65 Carbon Plenum (M3) - ML Performance UK

Eventuri BMW S65 Carbon Plenum (M3) - ML Performance UK

Eventuri BMW S65 Carbon Plenum (M3) - ML Performance UK

Eventuri BMW S65 Carbon Plenum (M3) - ML Performance UK

Eventuri BMW S65 Carbon Plenum (M3) - ML Performance UK

Eventuri BMW S65 Carbon Plenum (M3) - ML Performance UK


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BMW E90 E92 E93 M3



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Ross F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Wow, truly amazing!

I have the full Eventuri setup in mine. Bottom line: it’s the best mod I’ve done to the car. Simple. If it’s performance you’re after, you’ll want to avoid this and go straight for a supercharger, it’s the only way to get decent power gains out of the S65 (other than a primary decat and remap for ~30bhp). The Eventuri intake adds around 10bhp which you’ll notice more with a remap on top. It achieves this by smoothing out the airflow going into the intake elbow. Eventuri have a full video explaining it on YouTube. The plenum itself offers no performance gains as it has been designed 1:1 to the stock plenum, internal trumpets included, the only difference being the material it’s made from, although it is lighter than the stock plenum. Eventuri made it this way to not disturb the harmonics and balance. It could be configured to squeeze out more top end power, but at the expense of drivability. So you’re probably thinking “what’s the point buying something like this?”. Simple answer: induction noise. If you haven’t heard one of these in person, you won’t be able to truly comprehend the sound. Picture the E46 CSL airbox and the incredible induction noise it produces - now couple that with the E92 S65 V8. Yep, it’s that good. I can’t begin to describe the sound because words really don’t do it justice. I’ve always preferred the sound of induction over the sound of the exhaust; this works out well for me because on wide open throttle the induction noise drowns out the exhaust completely. It absolutely howls on WOT and that’s when it’s most noticeable. It’s a lot of money to drop on what is mainly an acoustic upgrade, but the moment I heard it for the first time I eliminated any small doubts in my mind. I’m not interested in forced induction, or squeezing every little bit of power out of the engine. If I wanted to do that, I’d buy an M2 or an F8X M3/4. For me, I bought the E92 M3 to enjoy that V8. It’s the last of its kind - a high revving, large displacement, naturally aspirated masterpiece from BMW, and imo the last true M car. You’ll never see one like it again, and that to me is something worth celebrating. The Eventuri system completely accentuates this. And you also have the added bonus that it looks absolutely stunning when you open the bonnet (or hood ). When you hear it, you’re smiling, when you see it you’re smiling. Win-win. Gapping people in a straight line gives me no sense of satisfaction or reward. These cars are 10 years old now, modern sports cars, even some hatchbacks, with their turbos and AWD easily keep up from the get go - you need a long stretch of road to be able to work the cars legs and get it going to the top end. You just have to accept that. But what most people don’t understand is this car represents so much more than that. It’s designed to hit the twisties, attack corners and use all the rev range, you’re meant to work the car and wring it’s neck to get every bit of performance out of it. If you can’t appreciate that, you bought the wrong car. Sell up and buy a straight line fast car with a farty exhaust and no soul. �‍♂️ Tl;dr - if you want to spend money for power, buy a supercharger and chase numbers. If you want something that’s going to enhance the car in ways beyond just performance - get the Eventuri setup.