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Supersprint BMW B58 Sports Cat Downpipe 200 CPSI (Inc. M240i, 540i, 740i & X3 M140ix)


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    exc. VAT £1,866.00

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This Supersprint downpipe is designed to be a plug&play upgrade. It replaces the stock components without any modification. O2 sensor plugs and mounting brackets are in the same position as the OEM unit.

The catalytic converter is a 200 CPSI unit, with a metallic honeycomb and a high content of noble metals. The shape and volume have been decided for optimal efficiency, thus the generous size.

The high amount of noble metals avoid any irregularity in the pollutant emissions, any warning light (CEL), any problem during periodic tests or bad smell, like it happens with cheaper cats.

The flex joint is the best on the market for durability and to guarantee free movement to the engine.

This special part has the main role in the performance increase of the Supersprint exhaust system, and it's perfect to for an engine tuning program.

Threaded bung for oxygen sensor provided



    • BMW 2 Series F22 LCI M240i
    • BMW 2 Series F22 LCI M240i with valve
    • BMW 2 Series F22 LCI M240i xDrive
    • BMW 2 Series F22 LCI M240i xDrive with valve
    • BMW 2 Series F23 M240i
    • BMW 2 Series F23 LCI M240i
    • BMW 2 Series F23 LCI M240i with valve
    • BMW 2 Series F23 LCI M240i xDrive
    • BMW 2 Series F23 LCI M240i xDrive with valve
    • BMW 3 Series F30 / F31 LCI  340i
    • BMW 3 Series F30 / F31 LCI  340i with valve
    • BMW 3 Series F30 / F31 LCI  340i xDrive
    • BMW 3 Series F30 / F31 LCI  340i xDrive with valve
    • BMW 3 Series F34 LCI 340i
    • BMW 3 Series F34 340i with valve
    • BMW 3 Series F34 340i xDrive
    • BMW 3 Series F34 340i xDrive with valve
    • BMW 3 Series F32/F33/F36 LCI 440i
    • BMW 3 Series F32/F33/F36 LCI 440i with valve
    • BMW 3 Series F32/F33/F36 LCI 440i xDrive
    • BMW 3 Series F32/F33/F36 LCI 440i xDrive with valve
    • BMW 5 Series G30 540i
    • BMW 5 Series G30 540i xDrive
    • BMW 5 Series G31 Touring 540i xDrive
    • BMW 5 Series G38 540Li
    • BMW 6 Series G32 GT 640i
    • BMW 6 Series G32 GT 640i xDrive
    • BMW 7 Series G11 740i
    • BMW 7 Series G12 740Li
    • BMW 7 Series G12 740LiX
    • BMW X Series G01 X3 M40i xDrive
    • BMW X Series G01 X3 M40i xDrive with valve
    • BMW X Series G02 X4 M40i
    • BMW X Series G02 X4 M40i xDrive with valve


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